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Place the palm of your hand on a marble surface - if the surface warms to the touch it's not genuine marble.

Furniture Care Tips
Marble Furniture Care

Marble top console tableMarble is a natural product varying in color, texture and veining commonly used on a variety of furniture pieces including coffee table tops, end table tops and writing surfaces on desks.

Simulated marble is used on lesser quality furnishings to save on costs. To test the surface to see if it may be genuine marble, place your palm on the marble surface - there should be no noticeable change in temperature after a couple of minutes.

Genuine Marble Care

  • Blot up spills immediately.
  • Use coasters on table tops under beverages.
  • Use a cleaner and polish formulated for marble surfaces.
  • Avoid scouring powders which are abrasive and will scratch marble.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide or ammonia to remove stains.
  • Refer deep scratches to a professional.
  • Waxing white marble could cause yellowing.
  • Acidic juices can etch the marble surface leaving dull spots.

Marble and marble veneers are a beautiful accent to fine furniture and will last a lifetime. Caring for your marble surfaces properly will enhance their beauty and provide you with years of enjoyment.

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