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Furniture Polishes

Most furniture polishes are emulsion base and can be used regularly on most furniture surfaces. It's a good idea to clean and remove any wax from the surface prior to using a furniture polish to avoid a cloudy appearance.

Original Beeswax Polish
Cleans, protects, preserves without wax build up. Beeswax furniture polish restores luster and needs no buffing. Suitable for use with antiques, fine furniture, marble, painted surfaces and porcelain.

Lakeone Sprayshine Wax
Lakeone fine furniture wax polish is a furniture care maintenance wax, designed for daily upkeep and will give a new shine to all of your antiques and fine furntiure. Non-silicone, non-CFC aerosol; safe for use on wood surfaces. Contains beeswax and turpentine.

Liberon Fine Spray Wax
High quality furniture polish safe for use on all finishes including French Polish. Recommended for regular use on all your furniture.

Antiquax Polish
A wax polish blended from beeswax and carnauba wax. Silicone free formula recommended for all natural wood surfaces.

Goddards Cleaner and Polish
Goddard's furniture polish and cleaner quickly deep cleans and beautifies all wood finishes. Lemon oil replenishes natural oils in furniture to keep wood from drying and cracking. Provides a deep, rich luster enhancing natural color and wood grain.

Guardsman Funiture Polish
Natural and organic, ozone-safe aerosol furniture polish that enhances the finish while dissolving dirt, dulling film, and sticky fingerprints. It contains no silicones that can harm and raise the sheen of the furniture finish. Available in Wood or Lemon scent.

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