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Not sure of which furniture care products may be best for your furnishings?

We'll be providing reviews of the various furniture polishes, waxes and cleaners, as well as other furniture care products.

Furniture Care Tips

Furniture Care Products

There are a variety of products developed especially for furniture care as well as other commercial products available that afford similar results.

Polishes, waxes, oil treatments, stains and preservatives are formulated to provide your furniture protection from the elements and regular use.

Which products are right for your furniture depend on the amount of use as well as climatic conditions. We've tried a number of products over the years and have found some to be better than others, while almost all products provide some level of protection and care for your furniture.

Furniture Waxes
Furniture waxes afford the longest lasting protection for your furniture finishes and are available as a paste or liquid. Some furniture paste waxes are colored to help disguise minor nicks, scratches and other surface blemishes.

Lemon oil and other pure oil polishes can leave behind an oily film that actually attracts dust and moisture to your furniture surface. It's a common myth that you need to feed the wood.

Furniture Cleaners
Furniture cleaners and dusting aids help to protect the furniture finish and are recommended for regular use. The use of these products helps to avoid scratching the surface when dusting furniture with a dry rag.

Furniture Polishes
Most furniture polishes are emulsion base and can be used regularly on most furniture surfaces. It's a good idea to clean and remove any wax from the surface prior to using a furniture polish to avoid a cloudy appearance.

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