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Rattan and Cane Furniture Care

Rattan magazine rackRattan or cane furniture and accessories are fashioned from the steam bent poles of the rattan palm, a spiny sub-tropical climbing palm that grows like a vine and can attain lengths of 600 feet. The outer skin of the rattan palm is peeled for use as binder cane, slab shave rattan and for weaving panels and caning chair seats.

The inner core is cut for use in wickerwork and basketry. It is known as reed and available in several widths, diameters and shapes including round, oval, flat-oval and flat.

Rattan furniture is available in a variety of finishes including, painted, stained and finished and dyed. Rattan furniture is easy to care for and when maintained properly, will provide you with years of enjoyment.

Rattan Furniture Care Basics:

  • Dust your rattan furniture regularly using a soft cloth.
  • Vacuum woven panels with a brush attachment.
  • Do not drag rattan chairs to avoid splitting the rattan reed.
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