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Teak is extremely durable and weather resistant due to its natural oil content.

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Teak Furniture Care

Teak Steamer ChairTeak is an extremely durable and weather resistant hardwood from Southeast Asia. The naturally high oil content makes this wood stable when exposed to a range of climatic conditions.

A centuries old favorite of marine builders, teak has become very popular for furniture manufacturing. Teak makes an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.

Unfinished Teak Furniture
Untreated or unfinished teak weathers with time to a silver grey color and can be maintained easily with a periodic cleaning to remove accumulated dirt and some stains.

Using a warm water and soap or detergent solution, gently scrub the wood in the direction of the grain. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry completely before use. Using a pressure nozzle on your garden hose will help to loosen most dirt and debris that has accumulated in corners and crevices.

Unfinished teak chairPressure washing your teak furniture should be done with extreme care as damage could result from the use of excessive pressure. A pressure of 1200psi or less is sufficient.

Adjust the nozzle to a fan pattern as opposed to a small jet stream and maintain 6-10" between the nozzle and the furniture surface being cleaned.

Pre-wetting the furniture will help to soften dirt build up and require less pressure washing.

Pressure washing may raise the grain of the wood and require a light sanding with a medium-fine sandpaper when completely dry. Sand lightly, following the direction of the grain of the wood. Sanding across the grain will leave visible scratches and require additional sanding to remove these scratches.

Finished and Oiled Teak Furniture
Finished or oiled teak furniture will require regular care to maintain the finish. Following the manufacturers recommendation for the reapplication of the oil/finish whenever the color fades will help to preserve the new look of your outdoor teak furniture.

Some outdoor furniture dealers offer teak furniture care kits from the manufacturer and home centers usually have similar kits available in the paint department.

Most kits suggest a thorough cleaning and rinsing, allowing the furniture to dry completely, followed by a light sanding prior to the application of the oil or finish coat. Be sure to follow the manufacturers instruction to achieve the best results.

Teak furniture makes an excellent choice for outdoor living and if properly maintained, will last a lifetime. If you are unable to perform the regular maintenance, contact a professional refinisher in your area for assistance.

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