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Wicker is a term used to  describe furniture woven from natural materials. Some of the more popular materials include willow, reed, rattan and water hyacinth.

Furniture Care Tips

Wicker Furniture Care

Modern indoor and outdoor wicker furnishings are fashioned using a variety of reeds with the most popular being the smaller diameter reeds from the rattan palm. Wicker furniture is available painted, stained and finished or unfinished.

Care & Cleaning
A regular cleaning of woven wicker furniture using the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner is recommended. Wicker dining setVacuum thoroughly following the direction of the weave to avoid any accidental damage to the individual woven strands.

Remove debris stuck between the weave with an old toothbrush, or a small paintbrush with the bristles trimmed by about half way in length.

Wiping wicker furniture with a rag dampened with soap and water solution will remove any build up on the heavy use areas such as the arms and backs of chairs and tabletops. Be sure to follow up with a clean rag dampened with clear water to remove and soap residue.

Wicker furniture can be fashioned with wooden components such as table tops, legs, cabinet doors and drawers; these should be cared for as you would any wood furniture. A regular cleaning and polishing will maintain the finish on the wooden surfaces.

Wicker can dry out in time and become brittle in regions with low humidity. Placing your wicker furniture away from heater vents, radiators, fireplaces and other sources of dry heat will help to maintain the moisture content.

Avoiding direct sunlight will also help to protect your wicker furniture from drying out and fading.

Natural unfinished wicker has a tendency to dry out, as the woven strands are not sealed with any protective finish. If you notice the wicker becoming brittle and breaking easily, you may need to restore the moisture content of the wicker. Wicker with a normal moisture content will be much more pliable and forgiving.

You can restore the moisture content of the wicker by rinsing the piece of furniture with clear water from your garden hose. This is also a good time to perform a thorough cleaning of your wicker furniture.

Cleaning with a mild soap and water solution will remove any of the build up. Use a soft bristle brush and scrub gently with the direction of the weave on heavy use areas such as the arms of chairs, the seat areas or any other areas you notice any accumulation of dirt or grime.

Rinse the piece with clear water using moderate pressure to remove any debris caught between the weave or in any crevices. Elevate one end of the wicker furniture to allow the excess water to run off during and after rinsing. After the excess water has run off, use a dry rag to wipe off as much of the water as possible.

Placing the wicker out in the open on a warm sunny day will accelerate the drying process. Allow to completely dry, before placing the furniture back in use.

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