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Covering your wood outdoor furniture or when not in use will help protect the finish.
Outdoor Furniture Care
Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wooden outdoor furniture should be stored indoors or covered when not in use, especially during the winter months. Exposing wood surfaces to the sun and weather causes the wood to expand and contract with temperature and humidity.

Adirondack chairOverexposure to the sun can cause checks and cracks in the horizontal surfaces. Check regularly for checks, cracks and splinters.

Wooden furniture should be moved before washing down a deck or patio surface to reduce the exposure to water. Furniture should be removed from any standing water and allowed to dry completely.

Wooden outdoor furniture that is in direct contact with soil will begin to decay as the furniture begins to wick up moisture from the ground. This also exposes your outdoor wooden furniture to pests such as ground termites.

Follow the manufacturers recommendations for cleaning and maintaining the finish at regular intervals. Some outdoor finishes require the reapplication of a coat of finish at regular intervals. If you are unable to perform the regular maintenance, contact a professional refinisher in your area for assistance.

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